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10-05-2018 RSPB Frieston Shore - Near Boston

I was so lucky to be working in Boston and as per usual I normally visit RSPB Frampton early morning to have a look around. I dipped on the Black-winged Stilt but had Garganey and Little Gull which was nice.

Later I looked on Birdguides to find the roaming female Snowy Owl had been seen at Freiston Shore near the Prison. I worked on during the day and another report came out so following a meeting I made the 20 minute journey to the reserve. After what seemed forever (about a mile) the bird was still present sat on a post in a field between the access to the Prison and the coastal embankment. It was sunny with a lot of heat haze but when he clouds passed over I managed to get a few distant shots with my 1DX, 500mm plus 2 x TC off the tripod.

After a while the Owl moved over a small ridge towards the sea embankment so a small group of us decided to relocate to the position you can see the photographer in here. It took about 20 minutes to get round and we crept up from behind the bank and laid on the grass. The bird wasn't disturbed and we were quite a bit nearer to get some slightly better shots.

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