All images © Peter Garrity


23-07-2017 - Green Moor

Had an hour camouflaged up leant against a wall circa 40m from the nest site. used the 500 with 2 x TC and waited for the Owlets to appear, which thankfully they did for 20 minutes. So cute, beautiful little fluff balls. I feel responsible for these birds now so keeping a close eye on them. They can fly but not full wing structure yet.


21-07-2017 Green Moor

Another drive back into the village with Adult using fence posts alongside road to hunt from. Terrible light but dropped shutter down to 1/160th as I was using the 2 x TC on my 500mm. Got to be pleased with the final shot.


19-07-2017 - Green Moor

This time close to the nest site with an adult sat on a stone fence post. Images from car again with the 1000mm combo. Final shot is from behind a dry stone wall, fully camouflaged up, of one of the two owlets. Believe the nest is in a wall or burrow below a large Oak tree.


18-07-2017 Green Moor

Ever reliable in usual location, also using favoured dead tree as a preening perch. this time using my 500 with 2 x TC, not pin sharp but acceptable.


17-07-2017 - Green Moor

Daily drive by and one adult in usual fields caught a stinking field vole. It could only just carry it off.


17-07-2017 Green Moor

Came across a pair feeding young in a nest in a dry stone wall so I used the car as a hide to capture the images. Amazed at how quickly they were catching insects and invertebrates.


13-07-2017 - Green Moor

On my way home, window down on the car, causing a traffic jam, 500mm lens pointing through the window, fortunately an automatic car, foot on the brake, shoot!!!!