All images © Peter Garrity


Tromso / Skjervoy 17th - 21st November (Skjervoy 18th)

Our first trip to Norway for a short break in the arctic circle with Whale watching and the Aurora on the agenda. 

We arrived in Tromso on Saturday evening and Aurora was visible that evening although subdued by the city lights. Sunday was a big day for us with a full day trip to Skjervoy via coach and then onto a small vessel (24 tourists on board was the maximum and it was a little crowded at times). What phenomenal experience, with relatively calm seas and many Orcas and Humpback Whales in the area. Humpbacks were feeding and surfaced in groups of up to 7 and then breaching afterwards. Orcas were everywhere it seemed and tail slapping during the hunting.

I have many more images and it's a shame the reduced blog versions don't show them at their best. Over the long weekend we also visited Kvaloya (Whale Island) and travelled to Kaldfjord, Ersfjordbotn, Sommaroy, Grotfjorden & Tromvik. Here are a selection of images including Waxwing and White-tailed Eagle (taken at Skjervoy).