All images © Peter Garrity


22-09-2017 Worsbrough Res, Barnsley

A surprising bonus on a rainy Friday pm which was thankfully put out on social media. Travelled from work at 4pm with Roy T and got lots of images from the Res slipway. Luckily I realised I had a restricted focus setting on before I fired too many bad shots off. Although it was bad light, due to distance, I used the 500mm with 2 x TC from a monopod, which I think paid off reasonably well.


15-09-2017 - River Don, Stevenson Road, Sheffield

Nipped down at lunchtime after a friend tipped me off that a second brood of four juveniles had emerged. Managed to track two of them down.


14-09-2017 Green Moor

An early morning visit and only adults to be seen. Sparky now gone so I am assuming both owlets have just dispersed to another location. I hope they have survived.


12-09-2017 - Green Moor

Another early start and still no sign of the larger owlet. Sparky appeared and just settled down for a doze in the morning sunshine.


09-09-2017 Green Moor

Although the weather was mixed with a few heavy showers an afternoon session (1.00-3.30pm) paid off when I got some distant video footage of an adult taking a shower. The other adult was nearby on an adjacent wall and Sparky showed on the cattle trailer for a while. I was concerned as Lazy didn't make an appearance at all I fingers crossed he/she didn't encounter the farm cat again!


06-09-2017 Green Moor

Only a few distant shots but the owlets still showing some tender family moments....aahhhh. note the size difference here with Sparky left and Lazy right. Sparky has slightly darker chest and flank markings.


04-09-2017 Green Moor

More of the Owls as I spend a few hours in camo on bright mornings before work. This time both owlets were right in front of me on the cattle trailer. Note that "Lazy" is the larger of the two owlets, a little more upright/boxy and plainer plumage on the chest, his/her expression is a bit glum.