All images © Peter Garrity


23-02-2017 Willow Tree Fen, Lincolnshire

Working in Sleaford so another 5 am start to get to the Fen for 7am. Although storm Doris was on the way managed to get a few shots when the bird appeared briefly at 7.30am. The weather deteriorated soon after. Not surprised I was the only person there. Again light issues so a low shutter speed to avoid noise and in an attempt to reduce the aperture for DOF. Failed with the DOF as a 500mm from 3 metres just doesn't get there.


17-02-2017 Willow Tree Fen, Lincolnshire 

A very early 4.45am start to get there at 7.15am at first light for the very popular Bluethroat. I was first there but a couple of birders turned up at 8.00am and the bird appeared on the main track from the car park. I laid down on the floor to get most of the shots and used my 500mm lens only. Light was not great and because the bird was so close I struggled to get a good depth of field. it was a trade off between ISO and Aperture whilst trying to maintain a reasonable shutter speed (1/320 -1/500th), handheld.


16-02-2017 Asda carpark off Sheffield Parkway

A lunchtime visit to ASDA, a traditional site, at which 80 birds were present finishing off some large cotoneaster berries. 


11-02-2017 Stranraer, Dumfries & Galloway

A very gloomy Carlingwark Loch and a very dozy uncooperative bird. Very smart though and only my second in the UK.


11-02-2017 Stranraer

In cattle fields to the N of Stranraer. Found it with a Little Egret and ventured through Kale fields to get closer. Eventually got a few flight shots as it moved from one field to another. Poor light but a first in the UK for me.


07-02-2017 Treeton, Rotherham

If you are not tired of these birds, here's a few more. Not great light but a few flight shots.