All images © Peter Garrity


29-10-2016 - Broomhead Moor, track to shooting lodge

An afternoon visit to the long-staying bird which was feeding along the main track.


24-10-2016 - Thornwick Pool, Flamborough

An early morning start (5am drive from Sheffield), reached the holiday park in dark but walked down to the lower hide and spotted the "willow hedge" that hopefully was described on Birdguides. Alone for around 30 minutes as daylight approached I found the bird briefly as it fed amongst the willows. Dave Hursthouse then appeared as if by magic to relocate the bird a few minutes later. Too dark for meaningful photography but later the bird appeared around the fishing pond which gave better opportunity for photos. Really frustrating for me in terms of autofocus with the 500mm and I dabbled with various settings before returning to centre-point for the final few, which were the best. Note the images are slightly reduced in quality here for the blog.


17-10-2016 - Bempton Cliffs RSPB

A nice if not perfect plumage bird. Haven't seen one for years so really happy to get some good shots.


17-10-2016 - Bempton Cliffs RSPB

A short visit to Bempton and some time tracking down this little sprite resulted in a couple of record shots. Not my finest but probably only my second Pallas's so really worthwhile.


15-10-2016 - Donna Nook, Lincolnshire

A trip down to target this bird which had been present for over a week. Fortunately it was still there and eventually gave some nice views as it fed from fences and posts along the embankment adjacent the car park. Also present were a number of Greenland White-fronted Geese.


13-10-2016 - Easington, East Yorkshire

SIBERIAN ACCENTOR - Well here is what all the excitement is all about; we made a hectic journey on Thursday pm arriving in Easington at a gloomy 5pm, slightly less birders than today!!!! Phew, what a bird; these are the best out of 1,200 shots (trigger happy as usual). So glad I risked a slow shutter speed 1/320th to reduce ISO to 4,000-6400. Handheld 500mm +1.4TC. My best 12 shots.