All images © Peter Garrity


27-02-2018  Wombwell Ings

Another lunchtime visit in between snow showers and whilst the Richard's Pipit was still present but distant, my target bird was this Yellow-browed Warbler. My first for Yorkshire, this perky individual was in and out of a small hedge of Hawthorn and Ivy near the reserve embankment. I used my 1DX plus 500mm and new 1.4TC III.

Unfortunately on returning to the car (left the kit attached to the tripod to carry) the tripod (luckily reduced to minimum size) fell over and the 1DX hit the kerb breaking the LCD screen and damaged the TC at the same time. Thankfully its insured so off to be fixed. A lesson for all of us I think!!


25-02-2018 Wombwell Ings, South Yorkshire

A bird had been seen briefly here for three days so I decided to have an early start despite the information suggesting it had only been seen after 2.30pm. At around 8.00am I was the only person on site and a pipit flew over me calling and landed some distance away across the Ings. The call was a very clear schuuuerp schuuuerp. I played my APP call for Richards Pipit and bingo!! yes it was the bird. I stayed in location and the bird thankfully appeared closer to me in the rough grass at around 9.00am. It was still a fair distance away but I managed a few shots. I re-visited later in the afternoon and it was there again for all the birders to grip which was good. Also incredibly a Yellow-browed Warbler was present, a South Yorkshire tick for me.


15-02-2018 - Plock Court, Longford, Gloucester

My second visit in good light on the morning of the 15th for an hour. About 6 or 7 birders/photographers already there which made approaching the bird a little more difficult with respect to those that hadn't seen it well. Still dogs running around the ponds and the bird was a little less obliging. Nevertheless used my 2 x TC to get these. Some images showing the small larvae that this bird is feeding on.


13-02-2018 Plock Court, Longford, Gloucester

Early start and en route to working in Powys, I arrived at 8am and fortunately the rain held off just long enough to locate the bird. I was surprised how difficult it was to find and how small it was. It was feeding at the top of the reed mace and digging out small grubs. When it dropped down into the lower reeds it was difficult to see and I lost it a few times. It wasn't fortunately put off by the local dog walkers allowing their dogs to enter the pond.

Not the best light but good enough to get below 1250 ISO and maintain a shutter of 1/800th at times.