All images © Peter Garrity


27-03-2017 - Aberford Leeds

My third visit to the hide run by Mark Hughes. Unfortunately the light was poor which was disappointing after so much sun the previous two days. None the less the birds performed, mainly the male but the female also made a brief appearance. I was making compromises with shutter, aperture and ISO to get the best results. DOF is always a challenge when your are so close with a room lens especially in poor light.


14-03-2017 - Effingham Street, Sheffield

Another early morning visit paid off within 15 minutes when the "Taxi driver" appeared with Pigeon food and some monkey nuts which he spread on the retaining wall. No sooner had the B H Gulls appeared when from behind me some larger gulls included the Iceland. They didn't come too low but passed over and landed on the edge of the river weir. I approached and thankfully they stayed but they also had a few spats and the Iceland Gull got the better of two Herring Gulls (1W & 2W) eventually taking off and flying around with a monkey nut!


13-03-2017 Effingham Street, Sheffield

Another morning visit but in nice sunshine. The gull appeared briefly landed on a roof for a few minutes. I waited for a while, focused on the bird and waited for the inevitable to happen.


09-03-2017 - Effingham Street, Sheffield

Another visit on the way to work at 7.00am. The sun just rising resulting in a golden hue on the bird.


08-03-2017 - Effingham Street, Sheffield

An afternoon visit in lovely sunshine and the gull appeared after a bit of coaxing with food which excited the BH Gulls. The Iceland Gull is quick to react to the BH Gull flock and appears as if by magic from downstream of the River Don.


03-03-2017 - Attercliffe, Sheffield

The long staying 2W gull appears to have associated itself with a group of Black-headed Gulls and when feeding activity is ongoing near Effingham Road, the Iceland Gull appears as if by magic. I never seem to see this bird in good light, its always gloomy or raining.