All images © Peter Garrity


29-01-2018 St Helen's Church, Darley Dale

Briefest of visit to the Church as we were returning from DFS after looking at dining room furniture. I spotted 3 birds initially in the top of a tree which then dropped into the Yews. They were in the shaded area of the tree so I tried some overexposure with very low shutter speed of 1/200th and with my 500mm plus 2 x TC on a monopod. Nice views of a male, would have liked to be a little closer and the ISO varied between 1,600 and 5,000 (mainly). Reasonable results though!


17-01-2018  Worsbrough Village

After a week of horrible weather with very poor light the sun came out and I popped into the village at lunchtime and staked out the Yew tree which was retaining the most berries. Three females were feeding from time to time however were difficult to pin down with the camera. Eventually I approached closer and wandered around the tree to get a few partially hidden shots but it was pleasing to have reasonable light and quite sharp images.


13-01-2018 Broomhill Flash

Another brief visit for the popular female which didn't disappoint