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18/12/2017 Howden Res

An early start to be at the top of the track (normal drinking puddles) for first light. Very icy on the approach roads but worth the effort. I was sat down in the snow and a group of 12 birds showed twice, the second time coming down through the trees to drink. No shots drinking as the puddle was in shadow.

Group Image - refer to the full PDF report for identification of each individual


  1. Stinking shots of these birds Peter,gonna try myself shortly.Is parking relatively near?

  2. Cheers Paul, yes not too far, there's a lay-by on the bend before you get to the Kings Oak and then a track up through the woods (very steep) about 500m long.

  3. Great photos Peter! Is the parking layby at the end of the yellow road shown on the map. Im from near Wigan and never been here before. What focal length were you using? My lens is 400mm max. Is it possible at all to get shots of them drinking from the pool or is it always too dark? Thanks!

    1. On the previous comment I meant the map on Sheffield birders twitter group!

    2. Hi Andrew, sorry just seen your message, equipment was canon 1DX with 500mm lens plus 2 x TC (1000mm), but i got there before dawn and laid on the ground close to the pool (used a tripod). Due to good light I concentrated on shots as the birds came down through the trees but yes you will be able to get shots as they drink. In terms of parking you will need to park on the final major bend before you get to the end of Howden Reservoir. If you send me your email I can send you a plan. my email is