All images © Peter Garrity


30-01-2017 - Effingham Street, Sheffield

A brief visit to Sheffield after Andy Deighton found this 2W Iceland Gull. The bird wasn't there when I arrived on Effingham Street but luckily it did a couple of fly pasts as I picked it up with a couple of other gulls. Poor light but over exposed 1.3 to get some detail in flight. Used my 500 plus 1.4.


20-01-2017 Green Moor

After a tip off from a neighbour (Linda) I was aware 60+ Waxwings had been feeding on a sorbus in the village on Chapel Lane on the 19th. I presume the birds, or a foraging group had found the tree a couple of days ago. I called in early before work and had 15 minutes to get a few shots before they left at around 9 am. Poor light, low shutter speed and higher than preferred ISO meant slightly noisy shots but here are the best.


19-01-2017 - Adwick Washlands

Very gloomy weather and some rain for 4 days finally paid off when luckily I was in the right place at the right time. This bird is very illusive although reasonably predictable in terms of range and time.


10-01-2017 - Langsett Barn, Sheffield

A flying visit to the Waxwing flock which had been present for a couple of days. They had been feeding on two sorbus sp. trees in amongst the cottages and didn't take long to finish them off. Light was poor but I tried the 500mm with 1.4 TC to get some close up shots. Due to the light and high ISOs being produced (I wanted a minimum of 1000th second to capture the movement handheld) I then took off the converter and used 500mm at F4. A few decent shots but not my best.


06-01-2017 - Windy House Lane, Manor, Sheffield

A lunchtime jaunt on a rainy day and successful as up to 30 birds were still polishing off the berries on a sorbus in a front garden. Alone, I managed to park up and shoot from the comfort of my car. Lighting was terrible and therefore the images suffered from lack of DOF and some noise.