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02-04/07/2018 - Sheffield Moorland Edge

A tip off from my friend Roy led me to an area of moorland near Sheffield to observe a churring Nightjar that had perched on a post at dusk.

I initially used a wifi set up for my 1DX camera/tripod/500mm lens + 1.4 TC, and remote controlled the gear from the roadside via my iPhone  My first visit was unsuccessful when I gave up at 10.30pm and annoyingly just when I dismantled the tripod, the bird appeared on the post.

My second visit was more successful and the bird arrived around 10.15pm. The sun had dropped behind the post and I was positioned facing the post with the light fading behind. I therefore had to overexpose by 3 stops. Here's the result.

On my third visit on the 2nd July I decided to use my camouflage netting and manually control the camera and at the last minute decided to position myself on the better (sunset) side of the post. I got down into the bracken and waited until around 10.20pm. I got around 9m from the post and only used my 500mm lens at F4. I had to use manual focus as in low light the autofocus was not reliable. For some unknown reason my video setting had shifted to FHD and not 4K which was disappointing although the result was good enough. See below.

Another visit on the 4th July with similar positioning and settings but using 4K this time. I think these results were the best although it would probably have been better if I could have used autofocus.

I took a number of stills from the videos using Final Cut Pro but the quality can not compare with images taken directly with the 1DXmkii.

Taken on 02-07-2018

Taken on 04-07-2018

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