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TESTING CANON KIT - (1DX + 2 X TC) Versus (7D + 1.4 X TC)

04-02-2018 TESTING KIT 

As I have been using my 2 X TC more and more these days I decided to compare my favourite set up - Canon 1DX, 500mm F4 mkii, 2 x TC against an alternative - Canon 7D, 500mm F4 mkii, 1.4 x TC.

Set up 1 - Canon 1DX, 500mm F4 mkii,  2 x TC  - Focal Length 1000mm, max Aperture F8.0

Set up 2 - Canon 7D, 500mm F4 mkii, 1.4 x TC - Focal Length 1120mm, max Aperture F5.6

I have been taking images in poor light recently and having to drop shutter speeds down to 1/200th to obtain ISO of 2000-4000 with set up 1. My thoughts were that the slightly better FL of set up 2 due to the 1.6 magnification of the cropped sensor (set up 1 has full frame therefore no magnification) along with the larger max aperture would improve my shutter and ISO options.

I set up a pretend Blue Tit in a tree at 10 metres with some distance behind to provide a nice dark bokeh (smooth background). I used a tripod with cable release and took images at max aperture for both set ups and generated images at ISOs of 160, 1000, 3200 & 5000.


Both set ups produced similar quality images and noise up to 1000 ISO although I believe set up 1 (1DX) was marginally sharper and has slightly better contrast.

At 3200 & 5000 ISO I believe set up 1 performed better, with lower noise and sharper images. 


In average to good lighting conditions set up 2 will provide more flexibility in terms of shutter speed if ISOs are kept to a reasonable level <2000.

In difficult conditions if large FL is required then the better option would be set up 1.

Postscript : The 7Dmki has a poor AF speed compared with 1DX so when taking images in difficult locations such as trees and bushes, the camera often and frustratingly can not track the subject.

Set up 1 - 160 ISO

                Set up 2 - 160 ISO

Set up 1 - 1000 ISO

Set up 2 - 1000 ISO

Set up 1 - 3200 ISO

Set up 2 - 3200 ISO

Set up 1 - 5000 ISO

Set up 2 - 5000 ISO

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  1. Peter always helps when the Blue Tit doesn't move. Interesting comparison