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30/09/2017 - 07/10/2017 SHETLAND ISLANDS

Our fourth consecutive visit to the autumn extravaganza in the Shetland Islands. Not the best for the weather as we had a significant amount of rain and the winds were strong and after a time annoying. We did however get some birding done in between the rain storms and we actually had a couple of reasonably dry days. Nevertheless, Roy, Andy, Tony and myself had a good time, ate out three times at the Scalloway Hotel (as we were based in Papil to the SW of mainland) and spent many occasions having healthy debate!!

For the first time we did not island hop up to Unst as nothing mega turned up that could not be seen on mainland. We dipped on a couple of nice birds but below are the highlights. We all had a tick in relation to the PGTIPS at Collafirth but I had another two new birds (Rustic Bunting and Buff-bellied Pipit). Great thanks to my pals for the usual fine company and especially to Roy and Andy for doing all the driving and cooking (they looked after me as Id not been too well recently).

For more pictures of individual species look at my chronological posts (i.e. Great Grey Shrike - many shots at Dale of Walls).

Roy Twigg, me, Andy Deighton & Tony Morris

Reed Warbler @ Grutness quarry (originally thought to be BRW)

Common Redstart @ Sumburgh Hotel

Wryneck @ Toab

Rustic Bunting @ Melby

PGTIPS @ Collafirth (Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler)

Parrot Crossbill @ Sand

Spotted Flycatcher @ Dale of Walls

Red-breasted Flycatcher @ Dale of Walls

Great Grey Shrike - Dale of Walls

Parrot Crossbill @ Lerwick

Oystercatcher (putative longipes) @ Sandwick

Hen Harrier @ Sandwick

Buff-bellied Pipit @ Grutness

Little Bunting @ Grutness quarry

Slavonian Grebe @ Boddam

Buff-bellied Pipit @ Grutness

Common Crane @ Loch of Brow

Red-flanked Bluetail @ Isbister

Sisken @ Voe

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